Dear Oak Hill Heroes,

You make our mission come to life.  The parent.  The donor.  The corporate  partner. The employee. The public funder. The board member. The participant. The student. You.

For the children and adults across Connecticut in need of our services, you are the reason we are able to help. Right here. Right now.

Partner. Collaborator. Friend. Supporter. Community. You are all of these, and more.

The pages that follow provide a snapshot of the impressive outcomes you helped our participants accomplish in 2018 at Oak Hill. And while we are proud to continue to share these outstanding numbers, it is the millions of happy moments created that have the greatest impact on our Oak Hill community.

You are the sensational superhero behind these happy moments. And because of you, the transformative work at Oak Hill continued throughout 2018. From a young woman who became paralyzed but was able to regain her physical strength to compete in obstacle races across the country to a student who made significant strides in her classroom. Empowered individuals. Brave individuals. And each one, like you, with the heart of a hero.

We invite you to explore the beautiful smiles, incredible statistics and informative information in the pages that follow. These are milestones and memories that you helped to create through commitment and compassion. And for that, we are forever grateful.

Thank you for your heroism and for contributing to our progress.


Mary Ann Hanley Signature
Mary Ann Hanley
Oak Hill Board Chair

Barry's Signature
Barry Simon
Oak Hill President & CEO