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Making an impact on the lives of those who are disabled is what you as a donor have achieved. It is because of your thoughtfulness that we are able to touch so many lives. One can say that certain circumstances dictate what is possible and what is not. Oak Hill has been able to make many possibilities into realities because of the support of our donors and friends.

Making possibilities . . . into realities! 

Tom lost the use of all of his limbs in a car accident. Through Oak Hill’s New England Assistive Technology Center (NEAT) he was able to access the tools and equipment that he needed to live more independently and be a more productive individual. Within a couple of years, Tom was able to find employment and return to school.

Shante is intellectually disabled and had to transfer to Oak Hill from a school in Boston. The move was upsetting and difficult for her. One of the things Shante had become accustomed to and that she enjoyed in Boston was playing the piano on a regular basis. Unfortunately, her budget did not allow for her to take lessons when she moved. Through a special donor fund, Oak Hill was able to continue the lessons for Shante so she could feel more at home and at ease. Shante now feels comfortable performing and participated in a recital, where she played three songs for the audience and is adapting well to her new surroundings.

Oak Hill provides services to over 40,000 people, directly and indirectly, annually – from birth to seniors. The circle of care we deliver at Oak Hill involves a continuum of services that helps guide our participants to increased independence and better health, over time.

As you contemplate your end of year giving to Oak Hill, remember that you are helping to make possibilities into realities for those that we serve. Please take a moment today to make a gift that will change a life.

If you have questions or comments you would like to share or would be interested in taking a tour of one of our programs, please contact our Chief Development & Communications Officer, Ruth Hayes at 860-769-3834.

Thank you for your support!


Barry M. Simon, MA, MPA

Barry M. Simon, MA, MPA
President and Chief Executive Officer

People who donate do so to express their gratitude, honor a loved one, or share a part of themselves with others. The benefits of these gifts are quite extraordinary.

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