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“Oak Hill School is very unique! What makes us unique is that we meet the needs of each individual student in the most creative and innovative way through meaningful activities and programs. We teach skills within authentic, community environments, making it possible for students to easily generalize their knowledge.”
Ana Wittig, Chief Administrator of Oak Hill School

“Thank everyone for the remarkable work they all have done with my son. We love you all for the compassion, love, and time you all gave to him.”  
Parent of Oak Hill Student

“I do not know how to express the gratitude that I feel and have for everyone that has had a hand in fulfilling my daughter’s future.  I cannot say but wonderful things about the Oak Hill School system. But mainly the past 5 years that my daughter has maintained in New Britain 3 classroom has been such a blessing and comfort to know she was always safe, well cared for, and loved.” 
Parent of Oak Hill Student

“Every day our wonderful students demonstrate a courage to learn and engage in a myriad of environments from classroom morning meetings to solo performances on a stage in front of an audience of over 100. Their hard work and incredible accomplishments make it easy for all of us to come to school each day.”
Susan Oster

"Our daughter is truly fortunate to learn in an exciting environment with multi-talented, genuinely kind educators. There is nothing more thrilling to her parents, than to see her happily mastering her days! Thank you, to the many Super Stars at Oak Hill!" 
Parent of Oak Hill Student

"When I visited Oak Hill School I knew this was the place for my son.  The teacher and the whole staff embraced him and all his challenges.  They never said never and I always felt they truly cared about him. When problems arose, and believe me they did, we would put our heads together and come up with a solution. The director was also instrumental in this can-do attitude. He grew tremendously over the years and his graduation was one of the happiest but saddest days of my life.  I was so proud of him but sad to say goodbye to our Oak Hill family. We are eternally grateful to Oak Hill School and their amazing educational staff." 

Parent of Oak Hill Student

"Watching the students blossom in our Performing Arts group is what it's all about.  From shy to extroverted, everyone cheers each other one.  It's a place for students to express themselves, whether that is stage or behind the scenes with lighting, sounds, or costumes." 
Tonya Tollefsen

"I do not know how to express the gratitude that I feel and have for everyone that has had a hand in fulfilling my daughter's future.  I cannot say but wonderful things about Oak Hill Schools.  It has been such a blessing and comfort knowing that my daughter is always safe, well cared for, and loved. She has been treated with the respect that she deserves." 
Parent of Oak Hill Student

"I am extremely fortunate to work with such a dedicated, talented educational staff at Oak Hill School.  I am very proud of the all the progress and accomplishments my students have achieved throughout the years!"
Scott Esson, Special Education Teacher

"Oak Hill School is one of the finest private special education schools in the state.  All of the staff share a passion for meeting the needs of the students.  At Oak Hill, they do not just individualize instruction; they personalize it to ensure all of the students are happy and productively engaged." 
Bernard J. Lindauer, Ed.D, Special Education Consultant  

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Oak Hill School sets the standard in empowering students to learn through meaningful, functional, and innovative educational experiences which build self-advocacy, independence, and reinforce the dignity of students using comprehensive trans-disciplinary supports.