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To provide critical assistance to Veterans, National Guard Reservists, and Gold and Blue Star families and their caregivers, to help ensure their dignity, healthy and well-being.

Program Overview
Veterans Count takes a holistic approach through Mind, Body and Spirit to meeting the needs of those who come to us for assistance:

Mind through sessions addressing: PTSD, MST, TBI, Depression, Addiction, Anxiety, mental health services, homelessness, transitional living, general life skills including, but, not limited to: basic finances, budgeting, grooming/hygiene, nutrition/healthy eating, employment counseling, computer training and navigating My Healthy Vet system.

Body through exercise, recreational rehab, activity based therapy, fitness – acclimating to adaptive equipment, nutrition, and person-centered training.

Spirit through socialization, yoga, meditation, common bond environment/security.

Reduce suicide rate:
Movement toward a leading a more goal oriented, meaningful and fulfilling life, through the addressing of hurts, habits and hang ups.

Address damaged relationships:
Improving/strengthening personal relationships by achieving restoration and forgiveness.

Address Emotional trauma (distress) of military service:
Impact Abusive behaviors such as: anger, substance abuse, physical and emotional abuse. Removal of barriers, both perceived and real, to self-acceptance resulting in improved level of self-esteem, confidence, awareness, trust.

Provide a venue for engagement and socialization to address loss of military support system:
Opportunity for individuals to explore and develop new healthy relationship networks with programs such as, Canteen Services. In partnership with agencies/organizations and Veteran supportive establishments such as Cabelas, Veterans Count Canteen Services will provide an opportunity for socialization and support throughout the state. Seminars, classes and educational topics will be Veteran-focused and vary depending on the location/partner. Click here for dates and locations of Canteen Services. 

Develop an ACT Team model of case management

Service Delivery
Through Oak Hill and its affiliate organizations, Veterans have access to the following existing, state-of-the-art facilities and programs throughout the state:

Chapter 126 Sports & Fitness, An Oak Hill Center 

Gilead Community Services                                                     

New England Assistive Technology (NEAT), An Oak Hill Center 

For additional information about Veterans Count contact
Steve Dunkle, Senior Director, at 860-769-3842.









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