Workbooks for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Our workbooks aim to increase critical judgment about safe relationships and sexual health.

The workbook series reinforces essential concepts of healthy relationships; respect, trust, consent, commitment, right touch, and responsibility. Read this for a brief overview of the topics covered by each workbook and click here for a short video about our learning materials.

The books are excellent. These are sensitive topics presented in a thoughtful and comprehensive way.”

— Dr. Andrew Salner (Director of Helen and Harry Gray Cancer Center, Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT)

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Individual Titles Include:

Image of cover of "Men and Women, the Awesome Facts of Life" workbook           Image of cover of "Take 3 Steps to Men's Health" workbook
Men and Women:                                     Take 3 Steps to Men’s Health
The Awesome Facts of Life

Image of cover of "Take 3 Steps to Women's Health" workbook          Image of cover of "Say No! To Sex Abuse and Sexual Mistakes" workbook
Take 3 Steps to Women’s Health            Say No! To Sex Abuse and
(temporarily out of print)                         Sexual Mistakes

Image of cover of "Ten Tips for Healthy Relationships" workbook         Image of cover of "All About Attractions and Safe Dating" workbook
Ten Tips for Health Relationships      All About Attractions and Safe Dating

Image of cover of "I Can Protect Myself" workbook
I Can Protect Myself