Since these materials are intended for sexual health education, the curriculum and some of the workbooks include educational illustrations of bodies and have some sexually explicit content.

The Positive Choices Curriculum is intended for use within educational settings and should only be used by a qualified instructor.

Our workbook series was designed for adults (ages 18 and older) with developmental disabilities and should be used for educational purposes only. It is recommended that people with disabilities have a trusted helper or teacher support them in learning from these books.

These materials are intended as prevention education, not crisis management.

They are not a replacement for psychotherapy. There is therapeutic benefit for many people in increasing their knowledge of anatomy and sexuality. Individuals who have accessed our educational content frequently express that what they have learned has helped them greatly and also that they wish they had acquired this information earlier; and in some cases, prior to making poor relationship decisions.

If someone is struggling with their own sexuality, has been the victim of abuse, or has demonstrated problematic sexual behavior, they need counseling or other clinical support services, which is beyond the scope of these materials.


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