What an Oak Hill Career Can Do for You

No matter where you are in your career (just starting out, seasoned professional, or looking to make a change), Oak Hill has something for you. We look for compassionate, kind, and empathetic individuals to work with the individuals we serve. We don’t require any experience to work as a Residential Program Worker, Residential Program Technician, or an Assistant Teacher 1 (though it’s helpful). We train and support you as you learn your job functions, plan for your future, and grow as a professional.

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Our Benefits- At a Glance

What you can expect from us

At Oak Hill, we invest in our employees by offering:

  • Affordable Medical, Dental, and Vision Benefits- Concerned about costs? We’ve got you covered.
    • We pay 50% of your medical deductible through a desirable Health Savings Account (HSA).
    • Cost to you is nearly 50% lower than the national average
  • Retirement Benefits in sought after 403(b) plan- Whether you choose to contribute or not, we contribute 5% of your gross earnings each year into a retirement account for you.
  • Free Long-Term Disability Insurance- If you get sick or injured, we have your back!
  • Free and low-cost Life Insurance options- At Oak Hill, our employees don’t need to worry!
  • Career Pathways and Counseling- We work with our staff to identify their goals and help them get there.
    • Up to $1,200 in tuition assistance for your coursework per year, so you can follow your dreams.
    • Relationships with local colleges and universities that get you a discount on your degree!
    • Structured career tracks for Educators, LPNs, and Therapeutic Clinicians, with more pathways coming soon! Read more here: Career Paths at Oak Hill School
    • Oak Hill is a certified Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) provider. By working for us, you become eligible to have a portion of your student loan debt forgiven. For more information: https://studentaid.gov/manage-loans/forgiveness-cancellation/public-service
  • Paid Time Off
    • 2 – 4 weeks of paid vacation, depending on your position and number of years spent as an Oak Hill employee
    • Personal days
    • Sick time, so can take care of yourself and your loved ones
  •  12 Paid Holidays (now including Juneteenth!)
  • Staff Recognition and Appreciation Events

For full benefit details, please consult with our 2022 Employee Benefit Guide: Employee Benefits Guide_2022

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Employee Testimonials

Headshot of Caterina

Caterina Perugini, Benefits Administrator

Years of Service: 17

Over her tenure at Oak Hill, Caterina has worn many hats. She helps our employees coordinate their retirement benefits, but it doesn’t stop there. Caterina spearheads our Staff Appreciation efforts, planning successful events like Comedy Night and most recently, the online store where every staff could select a gift! Caterina is thoughtful about every aspect of her work, even ensuring the items available in the store were distributed by a certified disability owned business.

Caterina shines in her ability to make staff feel appreciated for their commitment to Oak Hill and its participants. Part of Oak Hill’s Surprise Squad, Caterina and her team surprise different programs with activities and gifts that make the staff feel valued. In April, Caterina’s team surprised a program’s staff with homemade neck wraps, bath goodies, and other treats that helped the staff feel pampered and refreshed.

What drives Caterina to go above and beyond for Oak Hill’s staff? She’s cultivated deep connections to both our staff and individuals served and strives to honor them with every interaction. As Caterina says, “There’s no such thing as above and beyond in HR, it’s part of the job.”  Thank you for all you do, Caterina!

Scott Esson, Director of Education

Years of Service: 9

Scott is a fixture of our Hartford Oak Hill School. Joining the teaching staff nearly a decade ago, Scott works with some of our highest need students. Born to a family of caregivers and educators, Scott was interested from an early age in working with individuals with disabilities. Completing his Master’s degree in Special Education, Scott felt drawn to Oak Hill School’s unique year-long model. Unlike in typical schools, Scott floats between students, directing his attention where he is most needed.

 Known for the rapport he has with his students, many of whom he’s taught for years, Scott is a strong advocate for vocational training and assists his students in learning professional skills like salesmanship. Honoring his students’ diverse heritages, Scott was instrumental in launching the student-run snack cart where students sold culturally diverse candy to Oak Hill’s administrative staff. We can’t wait to see Scott and his students in the Oak Hill Cafeteria again soon!

Helen Pena, Accounts Payable Specialist

Years of Service: 5

Helen keeps Oak Hill in good repair…by paying our vendors of course! Recently named Employee of the Month, Helen diligently processes all invoices to ensure that we maintenance our properties. Helen is known to her colleagues for her can-do attitude and late afternoon “adrenaline” rush that propels her to get everything done by the end of the day.

Arriving at Oak Hill five years ago, Helen immediately felt welcomed and supported by the Finance team. Describing her team’s culture, Helen’s supervisor and colleagues frequently check-in with each other to ensure that everyone is doing well, and to offer support. Helen feels “lucky” to have joined to the Oak Hill team.

Headshot of JuanitaJuanita Melton, Residential Program Worker

Years of Service: 8

Juanita’s supervisors describe her as the kind of person who is always willing to pitch in, no matter where or when. Born in Alabama, Juanita was raised caring for the elders in her family. Today, Juanita can be found at our Rocky Hill, Granby, and Simsbury group homes. Caring for others is a value Juanita holds close to her heart and her work with Oak Hill’s participants comes naturally to her. Whenever someone is having a tough time, Juanita’s supervisors know who to call!

Over the past eight years, Juanita has cultivated a deep sense of empathy for the individuals she works with. For those who don’t communicate through typical means, body language and facial expressions are vitally important. She shines in her ability to connect with others and make them feel loved, heard, and seen. Juanita, you are a gift!