Below are excerpts written about our beloved Oak Hill family and friends that have passed. we remember and think of them fondly.

image of Nellie was has since passed away

Nellie lived at the Oak Hill Norwich group home for over 30 years. She was part of an in-home day program where she spent her time listening to music on the radio and joking around with Staff. Nellie was known in her day for playing cards and had a penchant for Gin and Rummy- which she was quite good at. She could add her points up quickly and made sure she got credit for it.  Nellie loved to play with her baby dolls and also had a special fondness for all staff babies. She never passed up the opportunity to hold a staff person’s baby. This made her smile as bright as the sun. Nellie often reminisced about her early days and the times she spend with family and friends by the river with the ‘crazy dog’. She could often be heard  softly singing “You are my sunshine,” or “You’re cheating heart.” Her favorite artists were Stevie Wonder and Elvis. Nellie left to guess everyone’s age. Often not to the benefit of the recipient (telling someone they were 80 years old when they were only 30) but would say “I GUESSED IT!” She liked to joked about “who put the hat on the monkey?” which came from  one her favorite books. Nellie is no longer in pain, instead she is smiling down on us from above with the beloved pet poodle Petey that she cared for many years ago. Nellie will be greatly missed in the home by all who loved her.