Teaching people with disabilities and caring, day by day, for those incapable of caring for themselves, starts with sympathy, but it moves immediately on to expertise, hard work and financial resources.

IAll Hands In Teamworkt is these last three qualities which, when brought to bear in serving children and adults with multiple disabilities, create the strength that differentiates Oak Hill from other well-meaning, sympathetic groups. Learn more about the professional development Oak Hill employs to help its workers maintain and improve their expertise.

Oak Hill Leadership Team

Barry M. Simon

President & Chief Executive Officer

Bruce Stovall

Chief Operating Officer
Headshot of Christine Lieby

Christine Leiby

Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

Stanley F. Soby

Vice President, Public Policy & External Affairs

Gayle J. Wintjen, Esq.

General Counsel & Secretary

Ana Wittig

Chief Administrator, Oak Hill Schools

Mark Hedrick

Education Administrator, Oak Hill School

Chris Tennis

Senior Director of Operations

Nicholas Valente

Senior Director of Finance

Rob Snyder

Director, Quality Assurance
Nicole Feeney

Nicole Feeney

Senior Director, Oak Hill Centers
headshot of Brittany Horowitz

Brittany Horowitz

Senior Director of Development