Board Chair and Oak Hill President pictured side by sideA Letter of Gratitude for Your Support,

You are a reflection of our journey…

It is fair to say that 2020 was a year like no other. It was a pivotal moment in time, that will never be forgotten. At the start, we were eager to embark on a journey fueled by optimism. We were hopeful for new beginnings, exciting adventures, and the promise of resolutions. Instead, the journey of 2020, for most, brought sadness, injustice, and confusion.

The unknown of a pandemic was certainly enough to unnerve us all. However, even with its pitfalls, 2020 helped us do something powerful. It allowed us to refocus our journey. It provided moments of pause and reflection. We navigated through uncharted waters, to a place of hope. 2020 reminded us that we are in an unforgettable moment in time, together.

It was 126 years ago, that our founder Emily Wells Foster launched her own personal journey. A journey powered by compassion, empathy, fierceness, and determination. She followed her intuition and believed so deeply in her commitment to the community, that others joined her on her journey; inevitably creating a foundation for the largest provider of disability services in Connecticut: Oak Hill. Today, you are part of her journey, continuing to set the standard and raise the bar for the most vulnerable population.

Collectively, your efforts continue to empower the people who need you the most. Amid one of the most unforgettable moments in time, you found a way to open your minds and hearts. Rising above the unknown to celebrate the milestones and moments of joy that still shine through with each passing day. You are part of a community that has remained united to overcome challenges and establish remarkable outcomes.

YOU are a reflection of our successful journey. A journey that will continue because of your investment, bravery, and perseverance. We look forward to a future reimagined, we look forward to remaining connected. With you. And with one another.

Our hope is that you will use this journal as a tool. A tool that will enable you to set goals and tell your story. Enhancing strengths and reflecting on the past and embracing the future. This tool is our gift of gratitude to you.

Thank you for continuing to blaze a trail for those of us who are here now and the ones who are yet to come.

We look forward to our voyage together.

Barry's Signature
Barry Simon
Oak Hill President & CEO

David Hadden's signature
David Hadden
Oak Hill Board Chair