Parents & Guardians

Oak Hill provides answers for families and guardians of people with disabilities to help them build on strengths to achieve success. We strive to provide not only direct care, but also the support, training and advocacy that contribute to an overall improvement in disability services.

How We Can Help You

Through our network of parents and guardians, we help you connect with people who share your priorities as well as help you stay organized and informed during important legislative actions that effect people with disabilities.

We introduce parents and guardians to new offerings in education and assistive technology to help make life easier.

Oak Hill is a recognized private provider by the State of Connecticut’s Home and Community Based Services Comprehensive Waiver and Individual and Family Supports Waiver through the Department of Developmental Services (DDS).

Take 5 Minutes to Help

In just 5 minutes, a parent or guardian can make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities. Here are a few easy ways you can get started.

Call or Visit Your Legislator

You do not need a bill number, or a doctorate in health policy. Just tell them what concerns you, what you read and cannot get out of your mind, your latest great idea, whatever. And if there is a bill, definitely call them. They welcome such calls and have staff waiting to help you. Below, you can click on the links to find your local legislator, or download a sample script for phoning your legislator.

Inform Someone

Share your concerns with a friend, family member, even someone standing next to you in line. Never underestimate how powerful word-of-mouth can be. And it’s a small world; you never know who you are talking to.

Sample Script Letter [DOC]

Write a Letter

Write a letter to a policy maker – writing down your concerns might take more than five minutes, but it is fairly simple. And as with phone calls, policymakers expect to receive letters, in many cases they rely on getting information from the public (and they trust you far more than a lobbyist). You will also most likely get a response, usually written, explaining the issue more carefully and letting you know what they intend to do about it. We have a sample letter for you to cut and paste.

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper. Senators and legislators pay attention to the concerns of their constituents in their districts. By writing a letter to the editor you are raising awareness to your community and can encourage them to get involved as well.


It is critically important that everyone who is eligible to vote exercises that right. But you can do more to support candidates that support the issues you care about. For more on voting, go to the Connecticut League of Women Voters If you aren’t registered, the League site has the form you fill out.

I want to network with other Oak Hill Families

I authorize Oak Hill to release the following information to other Oak Hill parents, guardians and family members for networking, advocacy and other organizational purposes. I understand that this information will not be used for any outside commercial purposes.

Download Attachment: Authorize Networking Form [PDF]

Get on Our Mailing List

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