Relationship and Safety Series Bundle


R1 – Say No! To Sex Abuse and Sexual Mistakes

An essential component of any sexuality program for adults with developmental disabilities is to recognize sexual abuse and to identify steps to safety. This workbook offers vital information that everyone needs about sexual mistakes and sexual acts that are against the law.

R2 – Ten Tips for Healthy Relationships

Provides practical tips and strategies to promote decision-making about safe and healthy relationships of all kinds. Gives learners an opportunity to discuss concepts such as boundaries, personal space and autonomy as well as friendship, attractions and dating. Includes information about staying safe online, texting, and using social media.

R3 – Attractions and Safe Dating

Readers will learn about sex and gender, sexuality, sexual orientation, and attraction. The workbook also introduces the topic of what to do when a relationship ends, or when a relationship becomes unhealthy. It tackles challenging topics, such as safe decisions about sexual touching, helping people think more critically about the sexual messages they give and receive.

R4 – Protection and Sexual Health

Teaches the important topics of how to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Provides practical and accurate information about sexual health, and how to make sure that any sexual touching is safe for everyone involved.