Programs for the Entire Disability Community

Arts & Crafts in group homeOur programs are designed to address all of the needs of the disability community.

We deliver a number of services directly to individuals with disabilities, but we also offer extensive training and assistance to caregivers, both families and professional teaching and support staff. Our experienced staff works with people of all ages who have disabilities, including multiple disabilities.

What types of disabilities?

Children and adults (which includes seniors) with intellectual, developmental, physical and multiple disabilities, including visual and hearing impairments.

Programs & Services

Oak Hill and our affiliated organizations, have over 1,400 trained professionals who serve over 124 program sites in 73 towns throughout Connecticut, and in certain areas of Massachusetts and New York.

To view a program map of services and locations click here:  MAP OF SERVICES

My advice to anyone thinking of living independently is – ‘Give it a shot!’ In the long run, it is worth it. And even along the way, as you are struggling to get there, you have a sense of accomplishment. Even trying makes you feel good.
— Bob Raymond, Oak Hill program participant

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