Young Adults with Disabilities

Oak Hill provides services and solutions to thousands of older children each year. Our programs are offered on-site at Oak Hill’s Hartford campus, in children’s homes and at community locations such as children’s schools and day-care facilities.

For Adolescents, Teens and Young Adults

Our distinct programs provide:

  • Housing – both in-home and community-based
  • Community-based education
  • Assistive Technology – training and assistance with AT equipment
  • Life Skills Training – relationships, mobility and personal health and hygiene
  • Extracurricular Activities – arts, camping and physical activities

Available Programs:

  • Oak Hill School
  • Individual and Family Supports Center at Oak Hill
  • NEAT Center at Oak Hill
  • Eleanor A. Brooks Blindness Related Supports Center
  • Oak Hill Center for Relationship & Sexuality Education
  • Oak Hill Camp
  • Oak Hill Residential Services

Need Help Getting Started?

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