Our programs for the deaf and hearing impaired focus on enabling individuals to live as independently as possible. We offer specialized housing, workplace training and assistive technology

Workplace and Skills Training – Learn the skills necessary for your job, find employment and train on a variety of assistive devices. For information on job training and skill development contact Steve Famiglietti at steve.famiglietti@OakHillCT.org or call (860) 286-3100; TTY (860) 286-3113

Oak Hill School – Private state approved special education school creatively meeting the needs of each individual student. Find more information on our website

Housing – Houses and apartments, custom-configured for the deaf and hearing impaired.
Find more information on our Residential Programs

In-Home Assistance  – Therapy and support for deaf individuals living independently or with family. Find more information on our In-Home Services

Summer Camp for Deaf Children – Find more information on our Summer Camp

Training for Caregivers – Find professional level courses and quick workshops specifically for caregivers and families through our NEAT Center. Find more information on NEAT Center.

Thank you for sending Erich our way. He has been nothing short of excellent with the work he has done.

-An Oak Hill community service manager